Friday, September 08, 2006

Mamie Originals has closed.

Hi there! In case you didn't hear, I've closed Mamie Originals so that I can focus on my two new businesses, Cherry Momma (rock n' roll goodies for children and the adults that love them) and Lightning Bug Designs (e-commerce for the crafty set). I'm still selling off a bunch of fabric at Mamie Originals with a TON more to add, so be sure to head over there to check it out!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Newsletter Only Sale!

Hey there! To celebrate our new look, we're having a HUGE sale for our newsletter subscribers! Don't worry, you can join in on the fun just by subscribing to the Mamie Originals newsletter. You'll gain access to our Four Way Sale where you get to pick your own sale! Check it out!

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We've also added a new option to all of our custom bags. Now you can add length onto the straps! Just another way of customizing your bag to TRULY be your perfect bag!

Okay, we're off to make more inventory for our last two shows of the year, the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday Trunk Show and BUST Magazine's Holiday Craftacular! Hope to see you there!



Saturday, December 03, 2005

New look!!

We've finally got a new look at Mamie Originals! I think you'll love it as much as we do because it's more cohesive and more user friendly. Not to mention we added several new products, like the Fashion Dots Diaper Bag Set, "Converse" Booties, and Ginger Key Fob.

Plus bunches more. We're celebrating by offering all of our newsletter subscribers the sale of the season. In fact, FOUR sales of the season! You'll have your pick of four DIFFERENT sales!! Only you'll know which one will suit you the best. Think they all sound good? Well, use them all! How's that for a holiday gift? All you have to do is be a newsletter subscriber and you'll have a whole year to use them!

Go check it out!



Sunday, November 27, 2005

Featured Designers Spotlight #4

Two more wonderful indie businesses that you should DEFINITELY check out!

Batteries Not Required
Batteries Not Required features interactive play quilts for children. Just lift the fabric flaps to make matches of the pictures underneath!

Enter "10%Switch" in the fax field on the contact page

Beccalights: Scent your world with handmade, highly scented candles, scent melts, and aromatic room sprays in evocative, uplifting fragrances.

Save 15%: use code SPOTLIGHT during checkout

I'll have some Mamie Originals news coming up by the end of the day!



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Featured Designers Spotlight #3

Time for another installment of our Featured Designers Spotlight! This time we have two cutting edge magazines ready and willing to do all of your trend spotting and deal finding for you!

Wickedly Chic
Wickedly Chic is a new online shopping magazine dedicated to bringing you the best finds and deals on the web. We feature products from indie designers and more. We also just added a new feature; Chic shop of the week.

Thrifty Boutique
Welcome to our magazine. An independent online window, reviewing the current trends & whatever is out there, making some kind of 'neat' noise. Handy news for the whole family.

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Today's not my day:

  • I posted an update on here earlier, which my web browser ate.
  • I made a new dress style for my daughter's birthday party, which is Saturday, and I messed it up. So now I have to rip out all of the stitching connecting the skirt to the bodice and see if I can fix it. =(
  • I have several orders to make tomorrow, which wouldn't be so bad, but....
  • I have four craft shows this week and don't have enough inventory and hardly any time to make more.
  • Oh. And the whole family's sick.

The good news is that Mamie Originals was accepted to BUST Magazine's Holiday Craftacular! So we'll be headed up to New York City for the December 17th show. How exciting!

Now if I could just get my sewing machine to make everything for me while I sleep......



Friday, November 11, 2005

Sneak peak of new product!

Hey there! I was hoping to be able to get these booties on the website tonight, but hopefully soon. Maybe even tomorrow night. They'll be the one thing I carry that I don't actually make. I bought a pair of these booties for my daughter and thought they were so cool that Mamie Originals just HAD to have them. So I contacted the maker of these wonders, Jen Fishback of Ravens Song Maille, and we worked it out! You can choose from the classic black with red accent OR you can custom design your own by choosing the main color as well as the accent! We have 19 colors to choose from, so your possibilities are pretty much endless.

Anyway, enough chat! Here they are:

Aren't they the cutest?! You know you can see your little punker in them! I'll have them up on the website soon, I promise!