Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The little one sleeps tonight.

My daughter is having such a hard time. She's teething and hasn't been feeling well at all for the past couple days. Her poor nose is CONSTANTLY running and she's obviously uncomfortable, if not in pain. This kept me from doing any work during the day today, but I didn't even miss it as I got to spend so much quality time with her. Well, actually I HAD to spend quality time as she wanted to be held all day, but I was more than happy to accommodate! After she went to bed, I did managed to cut out almost 40 cloth wipes, so that's something.

Tonight I'm going to cut interfacing, iron it on, and cut batting for changing pads. If for some reason I have extra time, I'm going to start making straps. Oh and I'm going to make two shorts sets for the baby swap.




I made some headway in my impossible workload for this week. I got the fabric cut out for everything except the shorts and one bag which I need to order a bit more fabric. That's something! Steve's working late tomorrow night, so I'll have the place to myself after Eliza goes to sleep. Hopefully I'll get a ton of work done.

It's official! The Richmond Craft Mafia has a new future home at http://www.richmondcraftmafia.com! There's nothing there yet, so no need to go peek. I have the Adobe Creative Suite on its way to me, so hopefully I'll be able to wade through Illustrator and whip something up. Either that or Dawn of Lark Studios might make something in Dreamweaver. Regardless, it's ON!

I wish I didn't have to go to bed now, but Eliza gets up so freaking early! G'nite!


Monday, June 27, 2005

What a weekend!

I made it to the market yesterday, but it was somewhat of a disappointment. It was soooooo slow. From what I gathered, none of the vendors did that well. At least it wasn't just me! But! I did sell a couple things, had several people ask if I was there every Saturday, and one woman seem like she's definitely going to buy a bag a bit later. I think it will help a lot when my website is totally finished.

Speaking of, I have the CD of fabric photos (all 198 of them in both big pics and thumbnails) ready to mail to Lindsay, my web designer, so that's one more thing out of the way. I decided to hire Just Two Girls to help with my product descriptions, so hopefully they'll be very yummy. I'm thinking about using osCommerce as my shopping cart when I get the online store thing going. Any comments about it?

I went to my neighbor's baby shower today and gave her the diaper bag I made for her. Everyone was amazed that I'd made it and several people asked if I had a store and/or a business card. Too bad my business cards won't be here until TUESDAY! Curses! I'm hoping if I give Jen a bunch, she'll give them to those people and to anyone who shows even the remotest bit of interest in her bag! I'll have to get over there tomorrow to takes some pictures, which I forgot to do today.

Speaking of pictures, I'll have to take some of the four new diaper bag sets I made over this past week. I think they're pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I had major issues with the interfacing of one of them, so that one's discounted pretty heavily ($30) and I changed the strap I use in the Mommy Bag after making the first one (it's now cotton webbing so it can double as a wristlet!), so that one's discounted $5, but other than that, I'm very happy with them!

Okay, time for bed. It's an early night for me as Stephen has to be at work a little early on Mondays. Boo for that. I can't wait until he quits his job...15 business days, not that I'm counting! Then I can spend more time on Mamie's!

My wishful thinking "To do list" for this week:

  • make 4 tinies
  • make 4 mediums
  • make 4 diaper bag sets
  • finish cowgirl diaper bag set (it's all cut out and interfaced)
  • make 2 shorts outfits

My wishful thinking "To do list" for next week:

  • make 2 medium pocket diapers for Eliza
  • make 5 hemp inserts for said diapers
  • make 2 fleece diaper covers (functional diaper covers, not decorative)
  • make 5 tinies
  • make 3 mediums
  • make 2 diaper bag sets
  • make 10 shorts outfits

There's absolutely no way on earth I'll get anywhere close to all of this done, but it's nice to dream!

Monday, June 20, 2005


I got two pages of copy written!! My handbags page and my baby products page have been written and sent off to live with my web designer.

Tomorrow's goal is to finish with the rest of the site's written stuff (accessories, custom, about, info). Then maybe I can get the fabrics pictures edited to specification. THEN maybe I can finish those diaper bags! But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Okay, it's an "early" night for me, but it's time to hit the sack. Gotta go see if I can move Eliza out of my spot on the bed and into her cosleeper without her waking up. Easier said than done!

G'nite, dear reader.



I have the baby item descriptions written! Hell yes!


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Can't I do everything at once?

I'm sitting here reading other artist's blog and realizing that I really don't get as much accomplished as I'd like. I think I want to do so much all at once that I don't end up getting much done at all. Like right now, I really want to be sewing, but I want to be finishing the diaper bags I have cut out and interfaced, I want to be trying out some new clothing designs, and I want to be making a ton of baby shorts sets. All of it. Right now. BUT I really need to get my part of the web site stuff done, like writing all the content and taking pictures. Too bad I've updated most of my designs and I have to sew all new samples to take the pictures. At least I'm getting somewhere on the copy writing! I swear if I had tons of money I'd just hire someone to write this stuff for me. Actually, if I had tons of money, I'd hire someone to cut out all my fabric and interface everything while they were at it!

Okay, back to copy writing! I WILL get my product descriptions written tonight, mark my words.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Work, work, work

Okay, I'm finally getting motivated! I cut fabric for hours last night and I'm almost ready to make my diaper bags for tomorrow. All I have left is to cut the interfacing for the mommy bags, finish with the interfacing for the diaper bags, iron everything on, and sew. Oh. And cut out the black canvas for two of my bags because I couldn't find the same denim that I ran out of at the store.

I hope I actually get to sleep some tonight. The past two Fridays I've stayed up all night getting ready for the next day's market. I hate doing that because by the time Eliza, Steve, and I get home, it's time for Eliza's nap and I fall asleep with her. And stay asleep. All night. So my whole Saturday is pretty much shot between the market and sleeping.

I'll definitely have to stay up all night if I don't get off the computer! Hopefully my next post will have pictures of my bags!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why, god, why?

I don't know why it's so damn hard for me to get working sometimes! I just have so many things I want to do all at once that I end up not doing anything at all. Well, except being on The Switchboards. I want to make a ton of diaper bags because of the article in the paper, but I also want to make a bunch of baby shorts sets. But then I want to make a couple dresses to see if it's something that will be popular. Ah...so much sewing, so little time. Of course, all of that pales in comparision to all the sewing I still have to get done this month:

  • need to make stuff for a baby shower for a good friend's upcoming son
  • need to make a diaper bag for Ginger
  • need to make at least two things for the tattoo swap I'm in
  • need to make a bunch for the baby/child swap I'm in (no, we're not trading children)
  • need to make a legal sized file bag for my stepmom
  • and last, but certainly not least (or really last at all), I need to make $500 worth of merchandise to send to a store in CA

Oh yeah. And I have to finish my fabric portfolio so that people can pick out fabrics for custom jobs. It's a good thing I don't have a small baby to take care of during the day and I can do nothing but sew all day long. Oh wait......

Okay, I need to get off my ass and start doing SOMETHING!!!


The new world of blogging!

So I finally got my act together and put up a blog. Who knows how often I'll actually get to post, but it's a start!

My two biggest tasks for the day are to go to the courthouse and get my business license and trading name registered and to meet with a personal organizer to formulate a plan of action to get this house in order. I'm especially excited to get my new office/sewing room organized as there are boxes and fabric and notions ALL OVER the room. It's ridiculous.

Eliza's been napping for quite some time, so I'm scared to go take a shower because I'm afraid she'll wake up while I'm in there and can't hear her. My mother-in-law's coming down and should be here in like 30 minutes, so I guess I can just wait. Then it's off to the courthouse! How scary!