Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The little one sleeps tonight.

My daughter is having such a hard time. She's teething and hasn't been feeling well at all for the past couple days. Her poor nose is CONSTANTLY running and she's obviously uncomfortable, if not in pain. This kept me from doing any work during the day today, but I didn't even miss it as I got to spend so much quality time with her. Well, actually I HAD to spend quality time as she wanted to be held all day, but I was more than happy to accommodate! After she went to bed, I did managed to cut out almost 40 cloth wipes, so that's something.

Tonight I'm going to cut interfacing, iron it on, and cut batting for changing pads. If for some reason I have extra time, I'm going to start making straps. Oh and I'm going to make two shorts sets for the baby swap.




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