Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The new world of blogging!

So I finally got my act together and put up a blog. Who knows how often I'll actually get to post, but it's a start!

My two biggest tasks for the day are to go to the courthouse and get my business license and trading name registered and to meet with a personal organizer to formulate a plan of action to get this house in order. I'm especially excited to get my new office/sewing room organized as there are boxes and fabric and notions ALL OVER the room. It's ridiculous.

Eliza's been napping for quite some time, so I'm scared to go take a shower because I'm afraid she'll wake up while I'm in there and can't hear her. My mother-in-law's coming down and should be here in like 30 minutes, so I guess I can just wait. Then it's off to the courthouse! How scary!



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