Friday, June 17, 2005

Work, work, work

Okay, I'm finally getting motivated! I cut fabric for hours last night and I'm almost ready to make my diaper bags for tomorrow. All I have left is to cut the interfacing for the mommy bags, finish with the interfacing for the diaper bags, iron everything on, and sew. Oh. And cut out the black canvas for two of my bags because I couldn't find the same denim that I ran out of at the store.

I hope I actually get to sleep some tonight. The past two Fridays I've stayed up all night getting ready for the next day's market. I hate doing that because by the time Eliza, Steve, and I get home, it's time for Eliza's nap and I fall asleep with her. And stay asleep. All night. So my whole Saturday is pretty much shot between the market and sleeping.

I'll definitely have to stay up all night if I don't get off the computer! Hopefully my next post will have pictures of my bags!



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