Thursday, July 28, 2005

Can I covet my own bag?

I always like the things I make. I mean, I'm the one picking out the fabric and making the darn thing! But I made a diaper bag tonight that surpasses all of that. I don't want to send this bag out. I want it for myself! I've never wanted to keep something I made so badly! Oh well, it's not for me. So sad. It gets mailed off to California on Friday, so I have a day or so to look at it and wish it were mine.

ps...I did, in fact, get into the Crafty Bastard! I'm excited. Stephen and Eliza are coming with me and we're going to spend the weekend with Steve's brother and almost wife (they get married later that month) who live in Northern Virginia, so that will be fun! PLUS, my best friend will be coming up for the day to help man the booth and hang out. This just keeps getting better and better!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Website update

I finally got around to throwing together a links page. Link pageS, actually. I have them sorted into categories. I think it looks nice.

Tomorrow's a busy day, but I'll have pictures to show for it!



Saturday, July 23, 2005

I'm a Crafty Bastard!

I think I got into the Crafty Bastard craft fair! Everyone I know that applied has already heard and I haven't heard anything, but when checking my website stats, I noticed a link from (they've taken down the page). I literally did a sit-up double-take!! My email server has this nasty tendency to EAT emails that have web addresses in the signature, so maybe that's it. I emailed them with a different email address, so I hope to hear back tomorrow.

But whoa! I heard over 200 people applied for 70 spots, so if I DID get in, I'm gonna feel pretty good about myself!

Wish my (belated) luck!



Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm so mad at!!

I ordered my business cards from and am very happy with the quality and was happy with how fast they printed them and shipped them out. So it made perfect sense to order my postcards from them (besides the fact that I had a coupon code for $50 off 1000 postcards....POSTCARDSALE). I ordered them last Thursday night (7/14). They printed Friday night and were supposed to ship on Monday. Since I paid extra for 3-day shipping, I should have been good to go to have them in time to ship out for the Switchboards' Promo Swap. All week the UPS tracking info said "billing info received" and that was it. So over the past two days, I've spent over an hour on hold to talk with two customer service people, one helpful, one not. It was decided that they would see what happened with my postcards and would reprint them last night and ship them out today via Next Day Air (Sat delivery). The lady also said she'd either call me at the end of her shift last night or first thing in the morning. I get an email at 4:19pm today saying that the postcards didn't get reprinted last night so will be printed tonight and shipped out on Monday via Next Day Air. I'm sorry, but that doesn't help me as the promos are due by Wednesday in Texas! I certainly can't afford to Express Mail 100 promos to TX! This is terrible.

At least I got my supplies today to make magnets on my new button machine!! I'm exciting about my promos. They're going to look so cool....whenever the damn postcards get here!!



Thursday, July 21, 2005


The website is finally done! Well, not really, but so close I feel it's practically there. I have to rephotograph a bunch of photos, but there are like 100 up, so that's nothing! And JustTwoGirls have to install the shopping cart, but I emailed them to let them know everything's a go, so hopefully that won't take too long.

Excitement! Go look at it!!

What are you still doing here? Scoot!



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sneak peeks and change of plan

I have new pictures for you!

First, though, I won't be at the Shockoe Tomato Festival this weekend now, in case anyone was going to come down to visit. There was a fumble of sorts and this is how it ended up. Oh well! Nothing I can do about, so I'll just look at it as more time to get ready for my grand opening (date TBA)!

Okay, on to what you REALLY want to see! I've been a busy girl, but that's nothing compared to what I have coming up. I sent my best friend home with enough fabric for at probably 30 bags to cut for me! Hollah!

Monday, July 18, 2005


I thought that seeing too many new handbags at once might be too much excitement for one day, so you only get the tinies tonight. Tomorrow, you'll get the smalls and mediums, but for tonight, you get cute little things!



Sunday, July 17, 2005

New stuff coming!

Tonight was a very productive night! Check back tomorrow for pictures of new handbags! 3 mediums, 2 smalls, and 7 tinies. Most will be available in my store when it opens, but some are exclusives for Amy Peter's store. I hope to have 4 diaper bags finished tomorrow, too , but we'll see how it goes.

I also made a small update to the website. I made it so that you can enlarge the pictures and it even pops up in a new, small window! Yay! I have the ladies at the Switchboards to thank for that bit of knowledge. Now as soon as I figure out how to lay out the fabrics page, I can hand the site over to JustTwoGirls for the shopping cart installation. THEN I can set a grand opening date for the website! DoubleYay!

I'm going to sew for another hour and then I HAVE to get some sleep! See you tomorrow!


Friday, July 15, 2005

Warning! Sampler Sneak Peak! (and an update)

I've finally got my Sampler contribution pretty much ready to go! I just need to finish putting the stickers on each one and package it up. I'm really excited about this, especially getting my own Sampler package!

Also, I went through my whole website and updated a bunch. I'm so proud of myself that I figured out GoLive enough to change things around by myself. I'm not a terribly savvy webmaster, so this is big for me! Now I just have to wait for the fabric page to be finished and JustTwoGirls can install the shopping cart and I'll be good to go! Well, after I finish making some samples, take some pictures, and put them on the website, but still!

An exciting day here in RVA!


Thursday, July 07, 2005

osCommerce, I love you!

I'm so excited! JustTwoGirls installed an osCommerce shopping cart for me tonight and I'm in love. It's so easy to use and it covers absolutely EVERYTHING...inventory, restocking alerts, customer information, newsletters, just about anything else you can think of that a shopping cart could possibly do! Tomorrow they'll add my design to it so that it will integrate into my website. I'm anxious to see how it looks and how it affects my webpage. I guess I REALLY need to get off my butt and get those samples made and photographed, huh?!

I started making my items to contribute to the Sampler! They're CUTE, in my humble opinion. I hope they're popular. Now I just need to figure out how to package them individually. I'm thinking about buying some clear bags and staple some cardstock to the top, but so far I've only found the bags in quanities of 1000!! I don't need 1000! I'll probably NEVER need 1000! I'll have to keep looking. =)

Oops! I was going to post some sneak peeks, but Eliza is awake, so it's off to bed with me.