Thursday, July 28, 2005

Can I covet my own bag?

I always like the things I make. I mean, I'm the one picking out the fabric and making the darn thing! But I made a diaper bag tonight that surpasses all of that. I don't want to send this bag out. I want it for myself! I've never wanted to keep something I made so badly! Oh well, it's not for me. So sad. It gets mailed off to California on Friday, so I have a day or so to look at it and wish it were mine.

ps...I did, in fact, get into the Crafty Bastard! I'm excited. Stephen and Eliza are coming with me and we're going to spend the weekend with Steve's brother and almost wife (they get married later that month) who live in Northern Virginia, so that will be fun! PLUS, my best friend will be coming up for the day to help man the booth and hang out. This just keeps getting better and better!


Blogger samandsophie said...

very nice. I just came upon your site (I think from I have just used that same fabric on a quilt ( I was sadly looking at it wishing I had more!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Leila said...

Oh oh! I want to eventually buy my daughter one of your quilts. I love them!



8:36 PM  

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