Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm so mad at!!

I ordered my business cards from and am very happy with the quality and was happy with how fast they printed them and shipped them out. So it made perfect sense to order my postcards from them (besides the fact that I had a coupon code for $50 off 1000 postcards....POSTCARDSALE). I ordered them last Thursday night (7/14). They printed Friday night and were supposed to ship on Monday. Since I paid extra for 3-day shipping, I should have been good to go to have them in time to ship out for the Switchboards' Promo Swap. All week the UPS tracking info said "billing info received" and that was it. So over the past two days, I've spent over an hour on hold to talk with two customer service people, one helpful, one not. It was decided that they would see what happened with my postcards and would reprint them last night and ship them out today via Next Day Air (Sat delivery). The lady also said she'd either call me at the end of her shift last night or first thing in the morning. I get an email at 4:19pm today saying that the postcards didn't get reprinted last night so will be printed tonight and shipped out on Monday via Next Day Air. I'm sorry, but that doesn't help me as the promos are due by Wednesday in Texas! I certainly can't afford to Express Mail 100 promos to TX! This is terrible.

At least I got my supplies today to make magnets on my new button machine!! I'm exciting about my promos. They're going to look so cool....whenever the damn postcards get here!!




Blogger PrintGuy said...

There are tons of online printing companies that offer low prices, but that doesn't necessarily mean great service. Sometimes the bigger a company the lower customer service and quality control standards become.

If you were going to print business cards or postcards any time soon, I'd suggest going with They have qualty prints, excellent customer service and low prices.

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