Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Creative Minds Join Forces for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Hi there. As a show of unity within the indie business community, Craft Revolution is organizing a fund raiser for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Won't you please help?

Check out the Crafters United Etsy shop to find some of the best indie products that have been donated by generous indie businesses. Mamie Originals will be donating tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. The Richmond Craft Mafia will probably be donating several items, also.

From the Craft Revolution Crafters United website:

"Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast earlier this week with devastating effects, forcing hundreds of thousands out of their homes and causing at least 68 deaths, including 55 in Mississippi. Rescue efforts are currently under way, with many victims trapped on rooftops and in flooded communities. The area is experiencing a shortage of food, a lack of drinking water and no power to homes that are still standing. The devastation is unbelievable.

We at Craft Revolution have been watching the news coverage together (online) with heavy hearts. We know full-well the power of the indie community to come together to support one of our own in need. Now is the time to mobilize that power and reach out to the victims of this horrific storm.

We have approached Etsy.com with a plan to offer donated indie items for sale on their website. Etsy has offered us shop space (http://craftrevolution.etsy.com) and to help us promote the event by mentioning the event in their blog and featuring some of the items from the shop.

All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund, which is providing hot meals to victims and rescue workers, as well as providing other much needed assistance such as shelter, medical needs and even therapy for victims. Our initial goal is to raise $1,000."

If you are an indie business owner, please consider donating an item by visiting the Crafters United webpage. You can also make a cash donation at the bottom of the site.

Thanks so much for helping those who most need it right now. Now please go hug your family and tell them you love them. Call your parents and go peek at your (hopefully) sleeping children (it's 10pm here!) because it's times like these that make you really think about your blessings.

There's lots going on right now, so they'll be a Mamie Originals update soon, but this just couldn't wait.



Saturday, August 27, 2005

Whoa, I was tagged!

I try to keep totally nonbusiness stuff to a low roar, but I was tagged by Adorneya, so here goes!

10 years ago today: August 27, 1995
Being super nervous about starting my junior year of high school because I was starting Governor's School of the Arts and didn't know what to expect

5 years ago today: August 27, 2000
Let's see, I was working at the Galaxy Diner, had just turned 21, and was living at 312 Laurel in Oregon Hill, so I was probably out with my (now former) best friend drinking ourselves stupid. We did a lot of that back then.

1 year ago today: August 27, 2004
I was 6 months pregnant with Eliza. It was a Friday night, so my husband of 5 months and I were probably at my dad's for Family Night. (yes, it's "funny math"....scandalous!)

yesterday: August 26, 2005
Spent the day making promos and the night at my dad's for Family Night! Came home a bit early because Eliza (now 9 months old) was tired and spent the rest of the evening figuring out endicia.com and spending $50 (!!) on postage for said promos.

tomorrow: August 28, 2005
Sew, sew, sew! Have one trade to finish up and several to start, plus I have shows the next two weekends in a row, so have to stock up. Will also drop off promo packages, finish up last bits of promos to send out on Monday, and will kiss my cute hubby!

5 snacks
1) hummus with cucumbers
2) quesadillas
3) cheese
4) cereal
5) chocolate soymilk

5 bands that I know most of their lyrics
1) the Beach Boys
2) Lucero
3) Drive-By Truckers
4) Whiskeytown
5) Neko Case (I'm having a full-fledged alt.country quarter-life crisis)

5 things I'd do with a million $$
1) invest in Mamie Originals
2) buy a great house in Charlottesville that's within walking distance of downtown, has a basement for my work area, a room for my husband's record collection and a guest house for my mom
3) give money to some of our favorite charities (Richmond SPCA, VA Breast Cancer Foundation, Heifer International, Planned Parenthood come to mind immediately)
4) buy my dad a hybrid SUV and set aside money for hybrid station wagons for my husband, my mom and me for when they start making them
5) invest the rest for future baby2's college fund and my hubby and I's retirement

5 places I'd run away
1) Belize
2) Scotland
3) Australia
4) a mountain in the Pacific Northwest
5) a very quiet beachhouse in NC

5 bad habits I have
1) procrastination
2) not believing in myself enough
3) not having enough patience
4) picking at my fingernails
5) staying up too late, which is actually another form of procrastination (see time stamp below)

5 things I like doing
1) talking with my hubby about life and the future
2) the little bit of graphic design I do (my postcards, labels, hangtags, etc)
3) sewing
4) spending time with my daughter and husband
5) eating!

5 things I wouldn't wear
1) tube tops
2) belly shirts (stretch marks are not my friends)
3) bikinis (see aforementioned stretch marks)
4) mini skirts
5) puffy sleeves

5 TV shows
1) Six Feet Under
2) Lost
3) all various Law & Orders
4) The Closer
5) Monk (really my husband's show, but I watch it with him)

5 movies
1) Fall
2) Shawshank Redemption
3) Donnie Darko
4) Boondock Saints
5) Amelie

5 famous people I'd like to meet
1) John Stewart
2) Arundhati Roy
3) Howard Zin
4) Julia Roberts
5) Morgan Freeman

5 biggest joys at the moment
1) three-way hugs with my daughter and husband
2) making my daughter laugh and listening to her babble
3) getting orders out of the door (accomplishment!)
4) eating the last chocolates my hubby gave me for my birthday
5) finding out I've been accepted to shows/for new consignment placements

5 favorite toys
1) button machine
2) my computer (for the Switchboards!)
3) my new car (bright blue Focus station wagon)
4) sewing machine
5) digital camera

5 people to tag
1) Dawn
2) Nicole
3) Michele
4) Donna
5) Kyle

Monday, August 22, 2005

Don't read this Alisha if you want to be surprised!!

I've been working on a surprise custom order, which has been a blast! The customer wanted a wristlet, listed three fabrics she liked and told me to surprise her. I really like how it turned out!

She picked such great fall colors, but I wanted her to have a little sunshine when she looked inside her bag! I hope she likes it!



Friday, August 19, 2005

New product!

Mamie Originals isn't JUST going to be fashion accessories for the family.....we're also going to beautify your home as well! Check out our new magnet sets.

I love them. They're pretty, they make looking at the refridgerator so much more enjoyable AND they're fun to make!

That's my bombshell for the evening. G'nite!



Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I still love you

I know I've been neglecting my updates, but I've had a headache for the last week or so. Not fun. But I do have some goodies up my sleeve for you. The shopping cart should be up in the next week, finally, so be on the lookout for goodie available for you and yours!

My neverending headache hasn't totally kept me from being productive. Today our professional organizer came and we got my office COMPLETELY done! I have a WALL of fabric that is a sight to be seen and I can actually walk around BOTH sides of my cutting table. Whoa. Now that the space is much more conductive to working, expect to see new items being added every day, culminating in our grand opening! How exciting!

I will leave you with a picture and a promise for more regular updates......



Sunday, August 07, 2005

Almost there.....

The shopping cart is uploaded onto my site and is all installed. Now it just needs a couple of configuration finishing touches and we'll be ready to go!!

Better go sign up for my mailing list on my website so you don't miss the unveiling! Plus I'll be making my grand opening announcement very soon......



Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Is the end in sight?

It's looking like my shopping cart is going to be done tomorrow night! I'm so excited. I was starting to get worried that I wasn't going to be able to have time to play around with it enough before the grand opening, but I think it'll be fine. How exciting!

What's even MORE exciting is that my husband and I installed my wall-mounted shelves in my office for my 30 tons of fabric! Even though we haven't painted the wood shelves yet, I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Also new in my world is my hair. Those who know me in person know that I've had really long hair for the past couple years. It's been about waist length at least since Eliza was born. Well, I cut it all off this past weekend. It's chin length and I lovelovelove it. The best part is that I had enough that I'll be able to donate it to Locks of Love. Change is good, but charity is better.

Speaking of charity, be on the lookout for the Crafting for a Cause section of my store for a bunch of fun items that will have proceeds donated to charity. The first charities to be featured will be the Richmond SPCA and the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, so keep your eyes peeled!