Saturday, August 27, 2005

Whoa, I was tagged!

I try to keep totally nonbusiness stuff to a low roar, but I was tagged by Adorneya, so here goes!

10 years ago today: August 27, 1995
Being super nervous about starting my junior year of high school because I was starting Governor's School of the Arts and didn't know what to expect

5 years ago today: August 27, 2000
Let's see, I was working at the Galaxy Diner, had just turned 21, and was living at 312 Laurel in Oregon Hill, so I was probably out with my (now former) best friend drinking ourselves stupid. We did a lot of that back then.

1 year ago today: August 27, 2004
I was 6 months pregnant with Eliza. It was a Friday night, so my husband of 5 months and I were probably at my dad's for Family Night. (yes, it's "funny math"....scandalous!)

yesterday: August 26, 2005
Spent the day making promos and the night at my dad's for Family Night! Came home a bit early because Eliza (now 9 months old) was tired and spent the rest of the evening figuring out and spending $50 (!!) on postage for said promos.

tomorrow: August 28, 2005
Sew, sew, sew! Have one trade to finish up and several to start, plus I have shows the next two weekends in a row, so have to stock up. Will also drop off promo packages, finish up last bits of promos to send out on Monday, and will kiss my cute hubby!

5 snacks
1) hummus with cucumbers
2) quesadillas
3) cheese
4) cereal
5) chocolate soymilk

5 bands that I know most of their lyrics
1) the Beach Boys
2) Lucero
3) Drive-By Truckers
4) Whiskeytown
5) Neko Case (I'm having a full-fledged quarter-life crisis)

5 things I'd do with a million $$
1) invest in Mamie Originals
2) buy a great house in Charlottesville that's within walking distance of downtown, has a basement for my work area, a room for my husband's record collection and a guest house for my mom
3) give money to some of our favorite charities (Richmond SPCA, VA Breast Cancer Foundation, Heifer International, Planned Parenthood come to mind immediately)
4) buy my dad a hybrid SUV and set aside money for hybrid station wagons for my husband, my mom and me for when they start making them
5) invest the rest for future baby2's college fund and my hubby and I's retirement

5 places I'd run away
1) Belize
2) Scotland
3) Australia
4) a mountain in the Pacific Northwest
5) a very quiet beachhouse in NC

5 bad habits I have
1) procrastination
2) not believing in myself enough
3) not having enough patience
4) picking at my fingernails
5) staying up too late, which is actually another form of procrastination (see time stamp below)

5 things I like doing
1) talking with my hubby about life and the future
2) the little bit of graphic design I do (my postcards, labels, hangtags, etc)
3) sewing
4) spending time with my daughter and husband
5) eating!

5 things I wouldn't wear
1) tube tops
2) belly shirts (stretch marks are not my friends)
3) bikinis (see aforementioned stretch marks)
4) mini skirts
5) puffy sleeves

5 TV shows
1) Six Feet Under
2) Lost
3) all various Law & Orders
4) The Closer
5) Monk (really my husband's show, but I watch it with him)

5 movies
1) Fall
2) Shawshank Redemption
3) Donnie Darko
4) Boondock Saints
5) Amelie

5 famous people I'd like to meet
1) John Stewart
2) Arundhati Roy
3) Howard Zin
4) Julia Roberts
5) Morgan Freeman

5 biggest joys at the moment
1) three-way hugs with my daughter and husband
2) making my daughter laugh and listening to her babble
3) getting orders out of the door (accomplishment!)
4) eating the last chocolates my hubby gave me for my birthday
5) finding out I've been accepted to shows/for new consignment placements

5 favorite toys
1) button machine
2) my computer (for the Switchboards!)
3) my new car (bright blue Focus station wagon)
4) sewing machine
5) digital camera

5 people to tag
1) Dawn
2) Nicole
3) Michele
4) Donna
5) Kyle


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