Thursday, November 03, 2005

Busy, busy bees.

Hey there! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you! I've been so busy! Lots of shows coming up to make more stock for and orders to go out and the family and all that business. It's a lot! I like it though. Keeps me on my toes!

Just added our new line of wallets tonight! You have six prints to choose from and I have another five ready to go in tomorrow night! Then on Friday, I hope to add the new readymade bibs I made this past week. I think there are 7-8 of the baby bibs and 4-5 of the toddler bibs. Cute stuff those bibs! Here's a sneak preview:

Okay, off to bed with me. Eliza and I have a booth tomorrow morning at the first Bohemian Market at the 17th Street Farmers' Market. It should be fun to see what kind of arts & crafts make it down. Come by and see us! Then on Saturday, it's all the way out to Irvington for the Farmer's Market out there. I think that'll be a fun day because Nicole of Soleil Rouge is going with me and we'll get to hang out with Melanie of Crandon's afterwards for a bit.

Busy, busy bees! Talk with you again soon!




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